Courses at CAIDS

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DATA 1010: Introduction to Data

DATA 1010: Introduction to Data is appropriate for all students, regardless of your major or prior experience. This course is designed to promote data literacy and equip students with practical skills that can be applied to academic careers and future jobs. No prerequisites are required. Satisfies Formal Reasoning.

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DATA 2020: Data Analysis

DATA 2020: Data Analysis offers students an overview of statistical tools commonly used in quantitative data. Concepts are presented through real-world examples, utilizing publicly available data sets. Students of all skill levels are welcome, including those with no statistical, mathematical, or programming backgrounds. All necessary data analysis skills will be taught in class.  Satisfies the Formal Reasoning requirement. 

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DATA 2030: Data Visualization

DATA 2030: Data Visualization provides an overview of the different creative and analytical theories and techniques for understanding and developing data visualizations, including maps, graphs, charts, and interactive tools such as dashboards. Students of all skill levels are welcome, and all data visualization skills will be taught in class. Satisfies the Formal Reasoning core requirement!

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DATA 2150: Applied Generative AI

DATA 2150: Applied Generative AI is a hands-on course that provides students with practical experience employing generative AI to perform real-world tasks. Students learn to effectively collect accurate historical and real-time information, generate high-quality text and media, transform content between formats, analyze data to derive insights, and deploy generative AI to tackle private and professional challenges.