DATA 2030: Data Visualization

DATA 2030 provides an overview of the different creative and analytical theories and techniques for understanding and developing data visualizations, including maps, graphs, charts, and interactive tools such as dashboards. Students of all skill levels are welcome, and all data visualization skills will be taught in class. This course satisfies the Formal Reasoning Requirement


Course Goals

  • Learn to access and clean data for visualizing potential, analyze data visualizations for bias and persuasive intent, and create data visualizations to communicate findings and tell engaging stories for diverse audiences.
  • Discover how to storyboard, create peer review, and justify design choices when using a variety of open-source data visualizations. 
  • Consider the societal role that data visualizations play in validating knowledge while exploring ethical concerns and critiques around communicating arguments visually. 

Data 2030 requires no prerequisites and is open to students at all levels.