DATA 2150: Applied Generative AI

DATA-2150 is a hands-on course that provides students with practical experience employing generative AI to perform real-world tasks. Students learn to effectively collect accurate historical and real-time information, generate high-quality text and media, transform content between formats, analyze data to derive insights, and deploy generative AI to tackle private and professional challenges.

Course Goals

This course is designed to teach students about applying generative AI to solve real-world private and professional problems and understanding principles, capabilities, limitations, and applications of generative AI. 

After completing this course, students will be able to employ generative AI to:

  • Collect accurate historical and real-time information.
  • Generate high-quality text and media content.
  • Transform content between different text formats and visual formats. 
  • Analyze information and data to derive meaningful insights.
  • Solve real-world private and professional problems.

 DATA 2150 requires no prerequisite and is open to students at all levels.