Call for Proposals: Community-Engaged AI Grants

The Tulane Center of Excellence for Community-Engaged Artificial Intelligence (CEAI) and CAIDS invite applications from Tulane faculty and graduate students for its Community-Engaged AI Summer Research Grant program.

Application Deadline: April 5, 2024

As the capabilities of artificial intelligence technology grow, it is critical that the benefits are shared equitably among society and that any potential harmful effects are anticipated and addressed.  CEAI aims to foster research that establishes meaningful relationships with diverse communities in all stages of the AI process, from design through deployment, to ensure AI is socially beneficial, inclusive, effective, fair, transparent, and accountable.

This Call for Proposals seeks projects that develop or apply AI/DS technology in close partnership with community members, establishing equitable and reciprocal relationships to co-produce knowledge. These seed grants are intended for early-stage research that can grow into long-term projects.
Each award will be up to $10,000 with funding period through Summer 2024. Please feel free to Aron Culotta at with any questions.


Patrick Button's Film Incentive Research Highlighted in The New York Times
Patrick Button

Ever wondered about what's behind those enticing tax credits that lure filmmakers to different states?

The New York Times featured the research of CAIDS Executive Patrick Button in the article about tax incentives for the film industry. Button's research highlights how states often do not recoup the revenue they anticipated. The opacity of the system makes it difficult to assess how much tax revenue states lose, however. Writing about Michigan's foray into tax incentives, Button called tax incentives a "Math trick to pull the wool over the eyes of Michiganders."


Joey Couvillon Wins President's Staff Exellence Award

President Fitts visited CAIDS in December to present Senior Program Manager  Joey Couvillon with a 2023 President's Staff Excellence Award. Executive Director Patrick Button and Program Coordinator Meg Keenan nominated Couvillon for the award. "CAIDS would not be where it is without his leadership, and his contributions to CAIDS and the university have been massive despite facing the incredible challenge of building a new organization from the ground up," wrote Button in his nomination letter.  Keenan added in her letter, "Joey's positive attitude makes our office a fulfilling workplace. Thanks to him, I look forward to coming to work every day."

Congratulations to Joey Couvillon on this well-deserved award!