Data Peer Mentor Program


CAIDS Data Peer Mentors act as teaching assistants, guiding fellow students who take data courses at CAIDS by exploring and troubleshooting data questions and problems during support sessions. Peer mentors help shape positive and supportive learning communities around data. 

Program Objectives

  1. Foster a positive learning environment for students at all data literacy levels by actively building learning communities around care, mutual support, and curiosity.
  2. Make data education accessible to all undergraduate students through assessment feedback and curriculum support sessions (office hours, group sessions, tutoring). 
  3. Uses equitable data strategies while collecting and analyzing student data such as grades, attendance, and surveys.   
  4. Support in the development of new course materials around data literacy topics.

Types of Projects: 

Students will discover data skills relating to Data Literacy, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, and Generative AI by: 

  1. Providing weekly support sessions on data and data technologies through office hours, one-on-one tutorials, and group learning, 
  2. Collecting and analyzing student data such as troubleshooting questions, attendance and surveys,
  3. Supporting instruction by grading assignments and providing constructive feedback, managing course content in LMS, researching topics for new course material, leading lab sessions, and proctoring exams, as requested,
  4. Planning socials such as screenings about data topics,
  5. Meeting with students individually and those working in groups,
  6. Sharing information and opportunities about CAIDS and other data events with students,
  7. Meeting monthly with other peer mentors to discuss teaching strategy and to write a joint poster on data literacy and teaching for the CAIDS Data Zine and Poster Session.