Data Research Internship Program


Undergraduate and graduate interns collaborate on the Data Research Internship scrum team, gaining data skills and product development experience. They actively contribute to data research projects led by Tulane faculty, staff, and community partners. In partnership with Newcomb Institute, students practice data equity methods. 

Program Objectives: 

  1. Solves multi-disciplinary research questions using data research methods supported by equity frameworks. (e.g., queer, feminist, social justice pedagogies and epistemologies).
  2. Works collaboratively as a team on a range of data research projects of Tulane faculty and community partners while building a portfolio of data and essential skills. 
  3. Continually focus and reflect on building projects and relationships around data equity frameworks such as partnership and reciprocity, collaboration, leveraging resources, and agentic co-education. 

Project Types: 

Students will discover data skills relating to Data Collection and Management, Metadata, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Programming, Project Management, Data Communication 

  • Developing Apps, Digital Archives, Visualizations, GIS Maps, Databases, and other data scholarship projects. 
  • Working with spreadsheets to include data entry, data collection, data cleaning, and data analysis, and data visualization.  
  • Creating websites, social campaigns, and academic posters related to data projects.  

Previous Lab projects from Newcomb Institute and CAIDS can be viewed via our student-produced Data and Technology Zines.

Sponsored Projects