Data Ambassador Council


Our Data Ambassador Council (DAC), a diverse cohort of undergraduate and graduate students, is a focal point of student input and engagement at CAIDS.  As advocates for data equity, DAC members communicate CAIDS initiatives to the student body at Tulane and act as a student-led focus group that explores data initiatives and solves problems to ensure that CAIDS data programming supports the needs of Tulane students. 

Program Objectives: 

  1. Collects information and provides feedback on the data needs (curriculum, programming, workshops, etc.) of undergraduate and graduate students at Tulane University. 
  2. Works collaboratively as a focus group to brainstorm and solve problems around data programming. 
  3. Produces projects and products to openly share information across campus about CAIDS student programming and curriculum. 

Project Types: 

Students will discover data skills relating to Data Collection (Surveys), Focus Groups, Data Visualization, Graphic Design, Science Communication, and UX/UI by:

  • Designing campaigns around swag, posters, and social media using graphic design. 
  • Developing and administering surveys and polls on campus about data initiatives, 
  • Sharing information with Tulane students through event planning, tabling, and presentations, 
  • Showcasing advocacy work with a poster at the CAIDS Data Zine and Poster Session.