Knud E. Berthelsen

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Knud Berthelsen


Knud E. Berthelsen is an Adjunct Professor at The Connolly Alexander Institute for Data Science (CAIDS). 

He has designed and teaches an Applied Generative AI course (DATA 2150) that provides students with practical experience employing generative AI to effectively collect accurate historical and real-time information, generate high-quality text and media, transform content between formats, analyze data to derive insights and deploy generative AI to tackle real-world challenges.

Berthelsen has been adjunct faculty at Tulane‚Äôs Freeman School of Business for a decade, and currently teaches a graduate course on international business, and an undergraduate course on management of new ventures. 

He is the founder of a personalized tea subscription company and offers consulting services related to international and digital strategy and marketing with focus on applied AI consulting.

A native of Norway, Berthelsen received his MBA with concentrations in International Business, Strategic Management & Leadership from Tulane University, and his BA in North-American Studies from the University of Oslo.