Anthony “Joey” Couvillon

Senior Program Manager


Joey Couvillon


As the Senior Program Manager, Joey oversees CAIDS’ various programs and initiatives. This includes collaborating with the Executive Director and CAIDS faculty to create new educational and support programs, managing grant programs for student research and educational initiatives, and organizing events like Data Week. He also assists with administrative tasks, including budgeting and forecasting expenses. In addition, Joey coordinates communication strategies for CAIDS with its Student team members, maintaining regular communication with stakeholders through email, social media, and other marketing initiatives.

Originally from Central, Louisiana, Joey moved to New Orleans to pursue his undergraduate degree in Urban Studies and Planning at the University of New Orleans, which he completed in 2015. After graduation, Joey joined the Office of Academic Affairs and Provost at Tulane in 2016, where he worked for 5 years before accepting his position with CAIDS. During this time, he earned his master’s degree in Sustainable Real Estate Development at Tulane's School of Architecture.