For Students


Undergraduate Students

Grant programming for undergraduate students is currently in development. At this time, please refer to the Newcomb Tulane College grant program that supports undergraduate research.

Graduate Students

2023 marked the inaugural year of graduate student grant offerings for data science. Applications have now closed, but will be available again in Summer 2024.

Please read grant application requirements:

  1. Proposal - This is a maximum two-page (single-spaced, 11 or 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins) document that includes:
    1. a summary of the major research question(s),
    2. a non-technical summary of the methodology and use of data,
    3. a short discussion of the contributions of this project to the literature or society,
    4. a timeline that summarizes the current status of the project, what will be completed over the summer, and the anticipated timeline for the completion of the project,
    5. content written in a jargon-free manner that can be understood by faculty in a wide range of disciplines.
  2. CV - A curriculum vitae
  3. Transcript - downloaded from Gibson Online
  4. List of other support - If applicable, a list, with dates and funding amount, of any funding or awards received for this project, you have applied for, or anticipate applying for over the summer.
  5. One of the following:
    1. Your IRB approval or exemption notice
    2. A statement explaining either:
      1. How the research does not fit the definition of “human subjects research.” Please read this useful document from the Tulane Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) that explains how to determine if your research involves human subjects.
      2. How the research meets one of the eight (8) exemption criteria listed here.
      3. Optional: A letter from the applicant’s advisor or a dissertation committee member. The letter should confirm that the candidate has advanced to candidacy or started dissertation research and should express support for the project. Please ask them to send your letter to Meg Keenan at Please give your letter writer enough time to compose your letter. We strongly suggest you request your letter at the start of the application process.

For Faculty


CAIDS has begun offering Course Development Grants for TIDES courses. Additional funding for course development will begin in Fall 2024.